3 Types of Storm Damage We Can Restore

storm damage

Storm Damage Restoration

When a storm sweeps through your property, you may deal with lots of damage. Storms can certainly cause water damage, but they cause other issues, too. At DC Water Restoration, we do far more than just restore water damage. As a matter of fact, here are three other types of storm damage that we can fix and prevent. If your property has experienced any of the following issues, give us a call.

Property Destruction

When water gets into your home, it can damage your property quickly. Water can enter your home at high speeds, creating all kinds of storm damage. The longer the water stays in your house, the more damage it causes. A quick extraction process is the key to avoiding property damage. DC Water Restoration can arrive within an hour to start removing water fast. First, we’ll remove the water as quickly as possible. Then, we’ll use our high-powered air moving technology to make sure the space is completely dry.

Sewage and Chemicals

Storm damage doesn’t just come in the form of water. Often, that water brings other substances with it. Those substances can include sewage and harsh chemicals. Flood water often travels a long way before it gets into your house. There’s no way to know where that water has been. That’s why you should never try to remove this water on your own. You need a team that can safely remove water, sewage, and chemicals from your house. You also need a team that can sanitize the impacted areas after the water is gone. DC Water Restoration is that team. We’ll remove all foreign substances from your home so that you can use it safely again.


Just when you think you’re done with the storm damage, you notice a musty smell coming from your basement. When you go downstairs to check, you find all sorts of mold and mildew. You can avoid this nightmare with DC Water Restoration. First of all, we make sure that your property is thoroughly dry before we leave. We don’t leave any hidden dampness behind. Second, we do a complete mold check, getting rid of any mold that we find.

 Storm Damage

Do you need help after experiencing storm damage? Give DC Water Restoration a call. Our emergency team will arrive within the hour and get to work. Don’t wait to get rid of your water damage. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. Contact us now to get your property back to normal again.

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