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4 Items You Need to Help with Water Damage

water damage

Water damage is a traumatic event that affects millions of Americans every year. In fact, whether it is through a burst pipe or a particularly bad storm, water damage can affect you at any time. If you live in Washington, DC, or another area that is prone to freezing or heavy storms, you need to take action against water damage. Heaters, dehumidifiers, sandbags, and many other items can all be useful if you are experiencing heavy rain or a burst pipe. In this article, we will go over four items that every property owner should own to help prevent water damage.


A heater is a great tool to not only dry any water on your property but also prevent any future water damage. Placing a portable heater next to where the water damage occurred will dry up any water that was left behind. This action will slow down the rate at which the water is damaging your property. Also, if frozen pipes caused your water damage, it may be a smart idea to keep a portable heater near your pipes. Having a portable heater close to your pipes will help keep the pipes thawed out, which in turn will prevent further water damage. Another item that acts as a portable heater is a dehumidifier.


Towels are going to be your cheapest option on this list for preventing damage. Having a closet full of old towels can help prevent water damage from destroying your floors, as well as preventing water from spreading. Placing towels on the spots affected by the water will help absorb any leftover water. Also, towels can stop water from traveling to other rooms.


If you live in an area that is often affected by heavy rainfall, sandbags are a great way to keep your property safe. Sandbags create a barrier that water cannot pass through. Placing sandbags outside your doors and windows will help prevent rainwater from entering your property. Also, sandbags are an extremely affordable option for property owners. You can either make your own sandbags at home, or sandbags can be purchased at most home repair stores.

Tool Kit

Having a tool kit at the ready can help you make quick repairs to help prevent damage. For example, you can use a wrench to tighten the pipes around your property to stop the flow of water. Also, sometimes the water shutoff valve can be a pain to turn off. Using a wrench or a robust set of pliers can help you turn off the water valve in a pinch.

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No matter how many items you have, sometimes water damage is just unavoidable. When you experience water damage, you need to hire the right people to take care of it. If you live in DC or a surrounding suburb, you need to check out DC Water Restoration. Here at DC Water Restoration, we provide industry-leading services at affordable prices. Come to our website today and learn how we can save you both time and money.   

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