5 Easy Methods to Avoid Water Damage at Home

Avoid Water Damage

As anyone who has suffered water damage can tell you, the turbulent process is expensive, tedious, and challenging to go through. In some cases, water damage can be difficult to avoid, but on most instances it can be avoided through certain preventative measure, such as regular maintenance and a restoration plan. With these simple methods, you can easily avoid damages and save yourself a lot of time, work, and money.

Have the exterior paneling sealed:

A lot of homeowners using exterior paneling to give their home a new, fresh look, as well as for providing some degree of insulation to the home. However, because of the potential gaps of improperly sealed panels, water can seep into the space between the wall and paneling. This, because of the warm, damp environment, becomes the ideal area for mold and mildew to grow. This even protects the mold from exposure to direct sunlight. So check your exterior paneling whenever you can and have any issues resolved quickly.

Regularly check your appliances for leaks:

Several appliances inside your home frequently use water. If the appliance gets damaged, it can cause the water to leak. This is why almost all appliances need some kind of maintenance at least once a year. The maintenance may become frustrating and redundant, but it is actually extremely necessary to prevent any huge problems such as flooding in the basement of leaky floors inside your kitchen. By taking care of your appliances you can reduce chances of leaks and mold development in the easiest way possible.

Keep supplies for repairs in case of emergency:

One good way of preparing for a possible leak or any other kind of water damages is to have all of the appropriate tools and equipment you will need in emergency. You will need items like duct tape, tarp, and a bucket to help you control the spread of water and prevent further problems. They won’t really stop the damage itself from happening when it does, but they will stop the problem escalating into a full-blown flooding.

Learn how to shut off the water supply:

Learning how to shut off the water supply is one of the most important things you need to know to be prepared for water damages. This can easily be done using online guides and other experienced people such as professional specialists. Most homes have a valve inside, and you can ask the city plumbing to confirm where the valve is placed inside your home. This knowledge can take you a long way when water is pouring out of a pipe somewhere inside the home and you don’t know what to do.

Make sure the weather stripping is functional:

Sometimes, especially when there’s rain or storm, water can collect around doors or windows that don’t have the right window stripping. These leaks can cause serious damages to the structure of your walls and floors, so make sure you have your window strippers checked regularly for anything that doesn’t look right.

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