5 Easy Ways to Avoid Basement Floods

Basement water

Avoid Basement Floods

For most people around the world, spring can be the best time of the entire year, with good weather and beautiful plants. However, spring often also brings with it heavy rains, which can actually be a nightmare for a homeowner. The rain can seep into your home and actually clause the basement to flood. The condition is not unavoidable, and can be prevented by following some basic steps. These help ensure that there is minimal damage.

Clean out snow from the house and gutters:

In winters, floods can be caused as a result of ice from snow melting and seeping into your home. This can be avoided by making sure no ice or snow builds up near your house or near the gutters. If snow collects in the gutters, it can actually cause a blockage which, once again, can prove to be a problem. If you want to clean the gutter out yourself, use a cleaning kit to do so and make sure you use a safe ladder.

Check your sump pump:

Sump pumps are often found in basements and can help you out when you want to pull the water out from your basement. If you don’t already have one installed, it’s probably a good idea to get one installed as soon as you can. If one is installed, you should ensure that the valve isn’t blocked. The pump should also be clean. Make sure that the pump has been testing and is functioning as it should be. If the power goes out, the pump won’t work, and there will be a risk of flooding.

This is why you should also install an alarm for sump pump to inform you whenever the pump has stopped working. This is why you will be aware beforehand and can do something about it before the situation gets worse. You can also use a battery based system so the pump doesn’t stop working even when the power is gone.

Set alarms to avoid impending damages:

Another place you need to install alarms will be ones that help detect leaks or water that is seeping in. These alarms are usually pretty affordable and they can alert you about a potential situation even when you’re not at home.

Use covers for window wells:

Basement windows can sometimes become a source that allow water to seep inside the basement in case of rain or flood nearby. In this case, you will need to install covers for the window wells. These fasten the window to the foundation and prevent entry.

Check your home for cracks:

Homes often undergo a lot of damage and stress. This can result in the creation of cracks in the foundation of the home. If there is a crack near the basement, water can seep in and start collecting there. This is why they need to be addressed at once. The good news is that usually cracks can be handed with ease, however if the cracks are too severe, you will need to contact a professional to take over the waterproofing.

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