5 Items to Put in Your Safe in Case of a Fire

fire damage

A fire is a devastating force that destroys everything in its path. In fact, fire damage is one of the major causes of property loss in the United States. When you are dealing with such a destructive element, how can you protect the items necessary to you? Fortunately, a higher number of fireproof safes are hitting the market. Here are five items that you need to store in a safe to protect from fire damage.

Protect Important Government Documents from Fire Damage

Possibly the most essential items you need to put in your safe are documents like your Social Security card. Government documents, including Social Security cards, are sensitive documents that are a headache to replace. For example, your Social Security card is required when you make large purchases or in situations where you need to prove your identity. The cards are small enough that you can easily store them in a safe.

Keep Your Insurance Information Safe

After a fire, the next step you need to take is to contact your insurance company. To simplify filing a claim after a fire, you need your insurance information ready to go. Having your insurance information on hand will help the restoration process start as soon as possible. Fortunately, most insurance documents are as small as a piece of paper; therefore, they can easily fit in any safe.

Keep Your Family Memories Safe

Everything on this list so far has been items that can be replaced. However, there are things that cannot be replaced quickly after you experience fire damage. Family photos, jewelry, and other precious family heirlooms are all items that can be lost forever due to a fire.  Fortunately, you can now purchase safes that are specially designed to hold jewelry or other heirlooms.

It is Important to Have Extra Keys

Fire can reach a temperature so high that metal and electronics can be destroyed. If you are unfortunate enough to be at your property when a fire breaks out, you may not have time to grab everything you need. As a result, you could lose the keys to your car. Losing your car keys will set you back more time and money as you purchase and then wait for new keys. Putting your car keys and other keys in a safe will ensure that even if your house burns down, your keys will be protected.

Have an Emergency Fund

The immediate aftermath of a fire is sometimes more devastating than the fire itself. You may not be able to stay in your home due to fire damage or may have to make some emergency purchases. Keeping a small amount of money in a safe will ensure you have cash when you need it the most.

Also, if you experience fire damage, you need the right restoration company. DC Water Restoration provides industry-leading restoration to the Washington DC area. Come to our website today and to find more information on dealing with fire damage.


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