4 Water Damage Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Water damage is a traumatic event that affects millions of Americans every year. The damage that is caused by water can not only ruin your personal items but also cost you thousands of dollars in property damage. However, with that

What Are the Different Types of Water?

It’s no secret that water damage in DC is no laughing matter. However, the population at large is still not adequately informed on the details of water damage and how to better understand it. For example, knowing the type of

Fire Damage in DC? Here’s What You Should Know

Fire Damage in DC Having a fire is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Not only could you be out thousands of dollars in lost property, but you are also putting your health at

Is Smoke Damage Dangerous?

Dangers of Smoke Damage The dangers of smoke damage are not something that should be taken lightly. After your home or business experiences a fire, your problems have only just begun. The lingering smoke can cause health problems that can

Commercial Water Damage? Here’s What You Should Know

Commercial Water Damage Commercial water damage is not something that should be taken lightly. You will have to deal with any property damage that may occur. Furthermore, because of the humid summers and freezing winters, commercial water damage in DC

What to Do About Frozen Pipes in DC

Frozen Pipes in DC It is no secret that winter is officially here. With freezing temperatures and snowstorms predicted to hit the East Coast, it is time to prepare. Grab warm blankets from your closet, load up on hot tea,

How to Thaw Your Frozen Water Pipes

What to Do if Your Water Pipes Freeze Frozen water pipes can cause lots of damage fast. If you suspect that one of your pipes has frozen water, you absolutely need to unfreeze it right away. How do you do

Protect Your Home When Temperatures Freeze

Prepare for Freezing Temperatures Love it or hate it, winter weather is on its way. While you pull your coat and gloves out of storage, make sure that you keep your home protected, too. When it comes to winter weather,

3 Types of Storm Damage We Can Restore

Storm Damage Restoration When a storm sweeps through your property, you may deal with lots of damage. Storms can certainly cause water damage, but they cause other issues, too. At DC Water Restoration, we do far more than just restore

DC Weather Damage: Protect Your Home in Every Season

Protect Your Home From DC Weather When it comes to DC weather damage, prevention is always best. Here in DC, the seasons have very noticeable changes. Winters can get very cold, while summers get especially humid. The extreme changes often mean extreme

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