Fire Damage: An Unexpected Cause of Water Damage

When asked to think of water damage, most people think first of a flood and then of a dishwasher or toilet overflowing. While appliances, plumbing, and floods are all common causes of water damage, fires actually play a bigger role

Leaks Vs. Flooding: Which Causes Worse Water Damage?

Leaks vs. flooding: which one wins the title of Worst Water Damage? It is a tight competition. No source of water damage is pleasant. Dealing with cleanup and restoration is taxing. Choosing between leaks and flooding is a matter of picking

Mold’s Favorite Hiding Places in Your Home

Mold growth is a common problem for homeowners. While mold spores travel through the air every day, high concentrations can trigger health problems in those exposed to them. Allergy like symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, frequent sneezing, and more serious

3 Steps You Should Take as Soon as You Notice a Leak

Leaks don’t get better on their own, and water damage only worsens when ignored. The longer the water sits the further it spreads and the more deeply it soaks into walls, floors, and furniture. Sitting water encourages insect activity as

The Reality of Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Once the fire is out and the first responders pack up and leave, many families are left wondering what to do now. The immediate danger has passed, but other threats are still creeping up. The process of tallying the damage

The Health Hazards of Water Damage in Your Home

There are many reasons to clean up spills and prevent water leaks. A foundation leak could undermine the stability of your house. Leaks that spread and soak through a large portion of walls or flooring could require massive renovations to

What You Need to Know about Water Damage: the Basics

Water damage is one of those awful things that only property owners have to care about. It’s one of the few ways in which it’s better to be a renter: when a pipe bursts and spills gallons all over the

Water Damage: How Quickly Do You Need to Take Action?

Water damage is a serious problem and can get very expensive very quickly. It is crucial that you know how to react before a disaster like this happens. Your safety and the recovery of your home should be your number

The Moldy Aftermath of Water Damage and How To Prevent It

Have you ever had serious water damage in your home and taken care of it yourself? While you may have done a handy job, it’s usually a good idea to get professionals involved. There’s a good chance you will end

Paul and Taejean Converti

Dave, We wanted to express our thanks to Resource Restoration Services, Inc. for the responsiveness and support that you and your team provided in the aftermath of the water damage to our basement.  Your team was always polite, timely and professional

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