Five Preventable Causes of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is one of the nastiest things that can happen to a home. It combines the visual disaster of an eyesore with the foul smell of a respiratory irritant. Smoke damage poses a health risk to humans and pets,

DC Storm Protection Tips

Storm Tips DC storm protection is a complicated process. While some states consider DC’s weather mild, winter storms still stop the city in its tracks. While keeping up with storm protection is a year ‘round job, these tips will help

How to Tell If Your Pipes Are at Risk of Freezing

Frozen pipes are a disaster wrapped in a catastrophe. They’re expensive and pose a high risk of extensive damage. Water damage can lead to secondary problems like mold, and can just plain ruin prized objects. Here are some warning signs

Safety Tips for DIY Flood Cleanup

DIY flood cleanup is a controversial subject. Letting flood waters stagnate leads to more problems down the line. However, DIY flood cleanup can be risky. Follow these safety tips to stay safe while you clean your building. Assemble all supplies

How to Prepare for DC Flood Season

There are a variety of steps you should take when preparing for the DC flood season. First, you can start by assessing your home’s risks, and then build a plan to accommodate your needs. If you take enough precautions, you

Why Do Water Damage Estimates Sometimes Not Match the Final Cost of Repairs?

Water damage estimates are the first step towards getting your water damage repaired. Water damage estimates are the primary way people choose their restoration team. They want to pay less while still getting a great value. When the final bill

Renter’s Guide to Spotting Mold

Rental unit mold can lead to short and long term health consequences. It can be difficult to get away from rental unit mold, as you spend a great deal of time in your residence. Many renters find that a unit

Upgrades that Decrease the Risk of Rental Water Damage

Rental water damage is a headache for renter and property manager alike. Complications from water damage can make a unit unlivable. A simple leak can quickly spiral out of control, leaving water damage that must be taken care of. Taking

Three Signs There’s a Leak on Your Property

A leaking faucet is never pleasant, but it’s at least obvious. If you have an appliance flooding your kitchen, the odds that it could go unnoticed are very low. When a pipe bursts or breaks outside the home, your property

Why You Should Never Attempt to Clean Sewage Backup Yourself

Sewage backup is a homeowner’s nightmare. The smell and sight are both unpleasant. Not only does sewage turn your stomach, sewage damage affects your home, appliances, and soil. Getting sewage damage under control is considered an emergency, and therefore, you

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