What You Need to Know about Water Damage: the Basics

Water damage is one of those awful things that only property owners have to care about. It’s one of the few ways in which it’s better to be a renter: when a pipe bursts and spills gallons all over the

Water Damage: How Quickly Do You Need to Take Action?

Water damage is a serious problem and can get very expensive very quickly. It is crucial that you know how to react before a disaster like this happens. Your safety and the recovery of your home should be your number

The Moldy Aftermath of Water Damage and How To Prevent It

Water Damage and Mold Have you ever had serious water damage in your home and taken care of it yourself? While you may have done a handy job, it’s usually a good idea to get professionals involved. There’s a good

Paul and Taejean Converti

Customer Testimony Dave, We wanted to express our thanks to Resource Restoration Services, Inc. for the responsiveness and support that you and your team provided in the aftermath of the water damage to our basement.  Your team was always polite,

Toilet Overflow Issues – Oh No!

Did you know that most toilet bowls are designed to hold all the water in the tank without spilling over? Even so, toilet overflow is actually a common problem. Watching the water in your toilet bowl continue to rise can

Small Air Conditioner Leaks Can Mean Big Water Problems

Leaking air conditioner (AC) units and systems are a common problem in the home or workplace and account for more than 90% of service calls. Air conditioners usually leak water for three main reasons: the overflow drain pan contains a

What You Should Know about Water Damage Restoration Companies

If your residential or commercial property has sustained water damage, regardless of the source, you will want to use the services of a professional water damage restoration company. A water damage restoration company takes all the necessary steps to restore

Charles McNeil

Customer Testimony If you’re in despair and at your wits ends… Resource Restoration service is your answer in receiving quality an personable restoration of your water damage disaster by an experienced professionals. The professional attention and speedy service received was

Logan R.

Customer Testimony I called Resource Restoration Services at around midnight when my basement was 6″ underwater and the crew arrived about 90 minutes later.. By morning I was already well on my way to drying out. Due to the fast

Michael A.

Customer Testimony Resource Restoration did an amazing job drying my house after a plumbing malfunction. Following the call they were at my house and working within 30 minutes. They kept me in the loop and were extremely professional throughout the

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