How Is Commercial Water Damage Different?


Commercial Water Damage

Commercial property is different when damaged because it affects numerous persons at the same time. For example, apartment buildings house hundreds of residents, and commercial water damage can affect many of them. Moreover, commercial water damage in stores can impact thousands of shoppers each day. Commercial water damage has a wide impact on many lives and impacts the community as a whole.

Owners of commercial property should act quickly upon discovering damage to the building caused by water, fire, or mold. Acting quickly will make a difference for all people affected. After calling your insurance agent and filing a claim your next step is to call a certified restoration company. Document the damage with pictures and or videos.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are particularly affected by water damage due to numerous pieces of office equipment and wires running throughout the building. Practice safety and shut off incoming water valves and power. Not only do you need to have the structure repaired, but you should also replace the office equipment and furniture. If you cannot replace the items, make sure you have them thoroughly dried.

Depending on the material your office furniture needs special attention. For example, you should have your wood furniture properly sanded and resealed. Likewise, you should have your upholstery dry cleaned if you want to prevent it from growing mold. Always handle your electronics with care and safety. To prevent the development of corrosion, get to them quickly. You can salvage your electronics with proper drying and dehumidifying. Professional equipment is stronger and can remove more water from the building.

Store Fronts

If you are a commercial property owner or landlord you know how important your structures are to business. Retail businesses that are clean and attractive are going to attract more clientele. When your store is damaged by water or fire it looks unattractive and you will lose customers. Restoring your property to its attractive appearance is important and so is safety. Have a professional make sure that your structure is sound, the walls are sturdy and free from mold. During reconstruction, practice safety by blocking off potentially dangerous areas and have employees wear protective clothing.

Call A Professional

Commercial water damage is nothing to fool around with. If you do not get things properly cleaned you are setting yourself up for potential problems with mold or structural damage. Tenants may file lawsuits and complain to authorities. Call DC Water Restoration to get professional help quickly and economically. At DC Water Restoration our employees are knowledgeable on legal and environmental issues that impact commercial properties. Finally, our response time is 30-60 minutes and we have 24/7 emergency services.


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