Facing Mold Damage for the First Time?

What you need to know and why Professional Services are your Best Option 

When facing mold damage, the best course of action is to first identity the source of the mold, and then proceed with systematically removing it. However, this is a task that is very difficult for property owners to do by themselves. And the problem isn’t so much to do with where the mold is growing – like in an area that cannot be easily accessed. But it has a lot to do with the lack of information on all aspects of mold removal which also includes its potential to pose health risks.

If you are facing a mold issue for the first time, then here are a few things that you need to know first-hand.

Mold Growth can be attributed to Multiple Reasons

Mold growth can be the result of a number of reasons. However, water damage is the primary reason behind mold infestation. You could have a water damage problem due to a leaking pipe, flooding, a soaked drywall, lack of proper air-flow, dampness caused due to water seepage in your attic or basement in the rainy season, or even damp flooring. So anytime you have an issue with excess moisture, mold growth is something to watch out for.

Mold Growth – Health Risks

Mold produces allergens which basically are substances that can cause an allergic reaction, as well as irritants and in some cases even toxic substances. If you were to inhale or touch mold spores, it could trigger an allergic reaction such as sneezing, red eyes a runny nose, and skin rash. It can also lead to respiratory conditions such as an asthma attack. Furthermore, dampness and mold can also impact your immune system over a period of time.

Why DIY Solutions aren’t the best Option when Dealing with Mold Removal

If you are facing a mold issue for the first time and you decide to seek council from non-professional sources, you will definitely be given a lot of DIY mold removal ideas. The danger of unsolicited advice firstly lies in the fact that mold occurrence is unique. So while the causes can be similar (water damage and moisture) the pattern of growth and impact can be very different in each situation. Secondly, mold removal remedies such as bleach can have very little to almost no impact on mold removal for the simple reason that bleach contains water. Thirdly, mold removal is serious business given the kind of health risks it poses. When tackling mold removal, the right kind of gear is just as important as using the right kind of equipment and solutions.

Why you need a Professional Mold Removal Services Company

A mold remediation company is the ideal option to tackle the issue of mold removal because they not only come equipped with the correct tools and solutions, but most importantly they are aware of the kind of risk mold presents to both life and property and are trained to specifically negate the effects of mold growth. Also when dealing with mold, wearing the right kind of gear such as a hazmat suit is necessary. Obviously, unless you are involved in work where you are required to wear a hazmat suit, the chances of you actually owning one is next to impossible.

In conclusion, mold remediation is best left to professional mold removal technicians. They come prepared to not only eliminate mold, but are also in the unique position to give you correct advice to follow in ensuring mold does not return to your property.

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