Fire Damage: An Unexpected Cause of Water Damage


Fire damage causes water damage

When asked to think of water damage, most people think first of a flood and then of a dishwasher or toilet overflowing. While appliances, plumbing, and floods are all common causes of water damage, fires actually play a bigger role than most people think. Even minor fire damage can lead to huge amounts of water damage. This is why damage caused by a fire doesn’t end with soot and burns.

Cleaning up water often isn’t first priority

Fire damage often overshadows the water damage that occurs after the fire. The first priority after a fire is for the restoration crew to make sure the house is still structurally sound. If parts of the house have burned away, getting those areas covered takes precedence. Water and fire retardant chemicals used to douse the flames often stand stagnant while other repairs happen. This is an unfortunate circumstance. Fire damage restoration companies have to make the choice of what to focus on first. For them, reducing the risk of your house caving in, tops that list,and means water damage is the least of your problems. Unfortunately, if left unattended, water damage only worsens.

Water left after fire can be dangerous

Water damage in the wake of a fire is also worse because the water is typically contaminated. The water has mixed with soot, ash, and possibly chemicals. Pure water quickly becomes hazardous after a fire. Heated bottles can explode, spreading dangerous chemicals into the water and through your home. This kind of fire damage leads to water that’s unsafe for humans to handle. This makes the water damage restoration process more complicated and more expensive. You may have to replace furniture, carpets, and wallpapers. As a result, some families have to give up everything. Moving forward, restoration companies employ caution.

Some furniture can be restored. On the other hand, different people have different priorities. The same items hold different values. You can work with your fire damage experts to save what matters to you. Once a house is safe, you can take what you need from it.

One restoration company makes things easier

If  possible, get your fire damage restoration services and your water damage restoration services from the same company. When you work with just one company, you enable them to prioritize the damage. Once the initial fire damage restoration assessment has happened, they can do what they can to minimize the risks of worsening water damage. This probably involves switching between tasks. Once cleanup has begun, restoration companies prioritize water damage. Cleaning up soot and replacing carpet is important, but not as pressing as stopping the spread of mold.

As you can see, fire damage is a terrible disaster for a homeowner. The fire damage to a home’s structure and furnishings compounds with the damage caused by the water used to save it from the flames. Mold, bacteria growth, and the spread of chemicals through the house is aided by the water. Due to the complications, many homeowners seek specialists. Fire damage restoration and water damage restoration go hand in hand. This is why you should find one experienced restoration team to handle both for you.

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