Five Must Have Features in a DC Restoration Company

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Choosing the Right Restoration Company

After a disaster, you want to choose the right DC restoration company to help you put your life back together. Doing so helps make the entire process easier. However, if you pick the wrong company, you only prolong your pain. When you’re looking for a DC restoration company, these are the features they have to offer.

1. All Day, Every Day Availability

After disaster strikes, you need a restoration that’s available at a moment’s notice. You should be able to call them and get someone to come out whatever time it is. A disaster isn’t going to wait until morning. Some problems, like water damage, get worse every minute. If a restoration company isn’t going to get there when the problem is still small and manageable, you don’t need them.

2. Portfolio and Satisfied Customers

A reputable restoration company will have plenty of evidence of their work. They’ll have a portfolio of similar jobs. You may even be able to contact some of their previous clients and listen to their testimonials. If you find a DC restoration company that’s hesitant or keeps backing out of providing examples of their work, you know something fishy is going on.

3. Clear Estimates and Updates

Estimates are a must before work can begin. This is standard through all construction and repair work of this type. However, updating the assessment is also essential. Restoration work is often challenging, meaning some won’t reveal themselves until after work begins. As a result, the original estimate could change. If you’re trying to repair the damage done by an indoor flood, your restoration company won’t really be able to know for sure until they get the carpet up and can see how the floor is underneath. A warning that the work is getting more expensive is essential so that you can plan accordingly during your renovations.

4. The Equipment to do the Job

Might isn’t always right. The best restoration companies work smarter, not harder. They have the tools–whether that’s dehydrators, professional steam cleaners, and much more–to do the job right. A company that doesn’t invest in technology cannot give you the smartest, most thorough treatment for your money.

5. Local Knowledge

The DC area has always had unique problems. The marshy ground, along with moisture in the air promote mold growth far above the average level. Your DC restoration company needs to know how to work in DC, as that local knowledge can help them combat your problems in the most efficient way. They understand the challenges they are facing.

When you choose the right restoration company, you make the cleanup process a breeze. Focus on a company that serves your local area and uses the best tools. Excellent communication on estimates sets them apart, but at the end of the day, nothing matters if you can’t get a hold of them: 24/7 availability is vital.

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