Get Rid of Odors after Water Damages

Any homeowner who has ever dealt with water damages can tell you that the whole ordeal is nothing short of a nightmare. However, one thing most homeowners don’t take into account when they consider the effects of water damages is how much of a nuisance the smell from it can become. This underlying problem is unpleasant and can be a health risk to those exposed. The smell, much like the damage itself, needs to be addressed as soon as it is possible.

Health Risks of Water Damage Odors

Why we can smell:

According to neuroscientists, the human nose can easily differentiate between a good and a bad smell because of our ancestral background. Back in that time, our ancestors needed to quickly determine whether something was good or bad by using simple tools like our sense of smell to make the distinction, they didn’t have the luxury of detailed decision making.

Now, scientists understand smells at a molecular level. According to them, the things that smell more intensely are comprised of heavier and spread out molecules. Although water molecules are very light, the problem comes when things have been added to the water which make it heavier, and as a result, cause it to smell.

Smells from water damages:

You may have noticed how water, in its purest form, tends to not have a smell. This means that the smell comes from other molecules inside the leaked water, such as molds and contaminants. These can be very dangerous as they can be inhaled. This is also why a restoration company will try to remove moisture in your home after you call them in for water damages restoration.

If you don’t contact a professional however, and the moisture remains, the contaminants in the water will worsen, and will spread out further throughout the home, making it difficult for them to be removed afterwards. This moisture can also get inside your walls or carpets and can cause further damages. If inhaled, they may also pose some health risks to the inhabitants of the house. Because of the collection of these molecules, a musty smell is created which is both unpleasant and harmful.

Why smells can come up after water damages:

Smells can be created after water damages because of a lot of varying reasons. This may because the homeowner puts off working on the water damage, which only strengthens the smell and makes it worse, or it may be that the homeowner only got to know about the damages when things had escalated to a far worse place and over time, the odor has become very strong.

This is why you should never, in any case, ignore any such smells. You should also try and avoid DIY methods and just call a water damages restoration services team. Not only do they deal with water damages, but they also make sure no offshoot problems, such as a lingering smell from the water damages, are left behind in any situation.

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