Mold remediation process

Mold spores exist in nature almost everywhere since the beginning of time.  It is found both indoors and outdoors.  Some molds are beneficial, some are necessary, and some can be dangerous.  It would be impossible to eradicate all mold form ANY area inside o out.  Any business that claims to “remove all molds from a home or business” should be questioned.  “Mold removal” is a fallacy.

A truly qualified and properly trained service will offer comprehensive mold remediation instead.  Mold remediation concentrates on corralling mold levels back to normal, safe levels.  Each mold problem is unique and an individual plan must be made for each job, but getting the mold under control is important for the health and safety of your home and family.  Not only can mol cause illnesses, it can cause substantial damages to your property.

Understanding Mold

  • Molds can originate in virtually every environment, both indoors and outdoors, year round. Mold growth is sparked by warm humid   Outdoors you find them growing in shady, damp with leaves or other vegetation decomposing.  Mold “blooms” into microscopic spores.  These float along the air, and can enter your home through any opening- windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or come in on your shoes, clothes, or pets.
  • Mold spores love moisture. Mold spores will quickly blossom into colonies when exposed to water and organic matter.
  • Mold remediation can only be achieved when and if any sources of water or moisture are alleviated.
  • Mold can often be found by following a strong, musty odor. It is a dirty earthy smell that is hard to miss.

What is the Mold Remediation Process

As we mentioned earlier, each case is unique and requires a custom approach, but the basic steps are the same.  These steps illustrate the “typical” remediation.

Step 1: Emergency assessment

Contact a service and receive a preliminary phone assessment.  If needed, a technician will be dispatched promptly to see the problem firsthand.

Step 2: Inspection Damage Assessment

The onsite technician will use training and various industry technologies to detect mold, ascertain damage threats, and identify hidden water sources that are feeding your problem.

Step 3: Mold Control

Time tested containment procedures like dehumidifiers, negative air pressure, and specialized filtration can be used to stifle the spread of spores while massive cleanup takes place to eliminate breeding colonies.

Step 4: Elimination of Mold colonies, and Infested Materials

The mold remediation is a strict method of controlling the amount of mold growth in your home as well as the types of surfaces on which the mold takes hold.  Through the use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments, as well as elimination of items that are mold infested, you can help prevent new colonies from forming.  Disposing of all mold-infested materials, like cloth items, drywall, upholstered items, and carpeting, is important in remediation of heavy mold growth.

Step 5: Cleaning Contents and Belongings

Often many of your furnishings, curtains, and belongings can be saved with deep cleaning and sanitizing to eliminate mold growth.

Step 6: Building Restoration

Depending on the degree of mold infestation, drywall, floors, ceilings and other materials may be removed from your building.  Restoration repairs could be minor, such as drywall patching, painting, or installing new carpet; you may need to enlist the aid of a constrictor for major repairs such as wall, ceiling, or floor replacement, cabinets, or hanging doors and fixtures.

No matter your level of damage, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  It never hurts to have your home assessed by a professional company to be sure you are safe from the hidden dangers of mold.

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