Four Reasons Business Owners Should Never Clean Water Damage Themselves

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Hire a Professional for Business Water Damage

Business water damage can be a painful blow for a company to weather. Companies lose inventory, records, and equipment to water damage. In the heat of the moment, it’s tempting to get in there and start cleaning yourself. There are four main reasons why you shouldn’t. They have to do with safety, insurance, and your ability to do it right.

1. Water Can be Hazardous

Water can be hazardous to your health. Biohazards like sewage and bacteria could contaminate the dirty water sources. Additionally, other dangerous chemicals could contaminate water sources. Tackling these cleanups yourself sets you up for harm. Even if you think the water is coming from a clean source, like tap water, if it sits too long it becomes unsafe. Don’t risk it. Trust a professional.

2. You Don’t have the Tools to Do it Right

Cleaning up water damage depends on your ability to do things right! Water can penetrate deep into a floor and subfloor. If you don’t have the tools to properly dry up the moisture, you could only get the surface water. Meanwhile, the water in the subfloor is soaking through and rotting your floor out from under you. Professional water damage restoration teams can get to water that you just can’t reach.

3. Your Insurance May Want Documentation

Business water damage is worse than a flood in your home. You have to do everything right to get your insurance claim to come through. Flooding and water damage insurance are often tricky parts of business insurance. You may need to present proof and show competency in your handling of the disaster. Many insurance companies won’t pay for negligence, so their first line of defense against a claim is to show that you didn’t act correctly. Having a professional water damage restoration team on your side shows that you took every effort to protect your property. Your professional team can submit their own documentation (if your insurance company requests it) to show the scope of your damages.

4. You Don’t Have Professional Judgement

Even if you go out and get amazing water damage restoration tools, you’re still not going to be able to do the job as well as professionals. There’s something else that you need to have: experience. Experience helps professionals restore your property quickly. They can tell if your drapes are salvageable, or if it makes more sense financially just to replace them. Professionals save you time and money by cutting your waiting period short.

Water damage of any kind is a nightmare. The damage affects more than just the building; you could lose valuable documents, inventory, and records. Water damage is also known to cause serious health issues. Cleaning up business water damage should be left to the professionals. You get better results every time. You also don’t have to put yourself and your employees at risk.

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