The Real Dangers of Water and Fire Damage to your Property

The real damage to property can only be assessed after a fire has been put out and or a water damage source has been capped as is in the case of faulty sewage lines, pipe burst, or leaking faucets. If the water damage is from a storm surge or flooding, then again, the property can be assessed only after the surrounding water recedes. By then usually, enough time has passed for the effects of fire and water damage to take roots. Effects in both cases could be ruined flooring, soot, smoke, damage to furniture and building structure by way of mold spores and other bio hazards such as chemicals in water.

Hire a Certified Professional

It is a terrible situation and while the property does take a big hit, the bigger cause for worry is always risk to human life and health. These are situations that are drastic and as such, the measures to resolve the situation need to be just as drastic. You need the services of a properly trained professional to help you deal with this kind of widespread damage.

The Real Threat from Fire and Water Damage

Heat (from a fire) and excess moisture can create the ideal conditions for organic growth such as harmful mold, viruses, and bacterial growth. If you have children, elders, someone with poor health, or pets then mold can be very dangerous and it can lead to all kinds of respiratory conditions. Your flooring in particular needs to be mold free because children and pets usually spend a lot of time on the floor.

Soot and ash from fire damage are again a cause of huge concern to both health and property.Ash can quickly move through the building and literally settle on any surface. If not controlled, it will travel through all the rooms and no space is spared.  And because it is acidic in nature, you are looking at damage to metal and glass. With fire damage also comes the issue of smoke odor. Not only is smoke a health hazard, it can easily permeate through surfaces and pollute the air around your property.

Why consider a Remediation Company?

A remediation firm is the best option if you are looking at fire and water damage to property. They have the man power, they have the resources, the technology and most important they have the knowledge necessary to sanitize your property completely.

Professionally certified remediation technicians don’t just go after the effects, they are trained to first detect the cause, address it effectively, and then look into damage control. If you have a mold problem for instance, unless you can tackle the sources of mold (breeding grounds), controlling and preventing mold damage from reoccurring can be extremely difficult.

Also keep in mind that each property is different and unique in its way. Which also means that the kind of damage from fire and water can be very different from say what your neighbors or the house down the street experienced. So when you get a remediation company involved, they will work up a personalized and unique solution that is ideal to deal with fire and water damage to your property.

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