Small Air Conditioner Leaks Can Mean Big Water Problems

Leaking air conditioner (AC) units and systems are a common problem in the home or workplace and account for more than 90% of service calls. Air conditioners usually leak water for three main reasons: the overflow drain pan contains a crack or hole; the air filter is clogged with dirt; or the condensate line is obstructed. While a dripping air conditioner may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to much bigger trouble over time. While water damage caused by floods or appliance overflows are obvious to property owners, a slow leak in an AC unit can go unnoticed until major harm is already done. Although a constant drip can be sneaky and unseen, it can end up being worse than flood damage. AC dripping can occur for weeks or months causing costly destruction before it’s noticed; even the tiniest leak can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars of destruction in just a few hours. And, the possibility of a serious and unhealthy mold infestation resulting from the dampness is very real.

Air Conditioner Leakage Solutions

Having an air conditioner appliance professional clean your unit annually can help prevent an annoying trickle from becoming a huge water damage inconvenience. Most repairs required to resolve a water leak in your air conditioner are simple and inexpensive compared to the potential property loss if the problem goes unresolved. Consider installing water-sensing safety switches that will shut down your air conditioner before it creates a watery mess, and also cleaning the filter at least twice a year to prevent it from getting clogged with dust.

It’s normal for water to drip from the air conditioning unit into a pan or drain, but if you notice leaking water on the floor, ceiling, or wall, contact a professional water damage restoration and repair company right away to discover the source of the issue and address the problem. Finding a company that offers quick service is key. A highly skilled team will assess the situation to determine what services you’ll need to get your home or office back to its pre-water-damage state. Professional contractors are accustomed to dealing with severe water damage, and they have the tools and equipment to properly clean up the water damage from a leaky AC unit and mitigate potential mold infestations.

Let Professionals Repair Your Leaking Air Conditioner

Repairing ruined areas caused by a leak on your own can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. Instead, rely on a reputable company with water damage experience to be sure damage from your leaky system will be repaired quickly and thoroughly. A professional water damage restoration and repair service will determine the cause of the leak. They will thoroughly dry and treat the area to avoid the potential for further damage or health concerns from a mold infestation, and repair any structural ruin to floors, walls, ceilings, and subfloors.

When choosing a water damage restoration specialist, make sure you hire qualified, IICRC-certified professionals. The experts at the DC-area Water Damage Team possess the skills, experience, and credentials you need to get the job done right. With 24-hour service from Pennsylvania to the Baltimore and Washington, DC, areas, to Virginia and North Carolina, they are available to get started on your water damage cleanup request in 60 minutes or less. Call the Water Damage Team today at 877-503-8782 for a free estimate.

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