Washington DC and Storm Damage: What You Should Know

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Storm Damage in DC

Whether you’ve just moved here or simply want to stay prepared, there’s a lot to know about Washington DC storm damage. Thanks to our location and seasonal changes, storm damage can wreak havoc on the DC area. However, with a bit of research, you’ll know exactly what to do when that next storm hits. Here’s what you need to know.


Weather to Watch

When it comes to Washington DC storm damage, you should keep an eye out during certain seasons. Specific conditions lead to major storms. Take the summer, for example. DC can get fairly hot in the summer. More importantly, it gets humid. The combination of heat and humidity can bring extreme storm conditions. Start your storm preparation in the late spring. That way, the summer weather won’t catch you by surprise.

Though less of a problem than summer storms, keep an eye out for winter blizzards, too. While summer rain storms happen virtually every year, a blizzard will show up once every handful of years. Even though they’re more rare, they do cause damage when they show up.


Flooding Causes Property Damage

Most Washington DC storm damage comes in the form of flood water. The remnants of a hurricane will sometimes get to DC. That, combined with our closeness to the Potomac River, means that we deal with flooding more often than the average US resident. Spring and summer have the highest risks for flooding, so start preparing early.


Storm Damage Prevention

Washington DC storms are inevitable. Yet, Washington DC storm damage doesn’t have to be. The key is preparation. We’ve already mentioned when you should start prepping for storms, but how exactly should you do it? First, make sure that your sump pumps are working. Those pumps are often your last line of defense between flood water and your basement. Next, when storm season arrives, take a look at the trees surrounding your house. Do you have a lot of heavy branches near your house? Is there anything that could possibly break a window or damage the roof? Trim the longer branches to protect your house. Wooden boards can also protect your windows during hurricane season.


Washington DC Storm Damage

What if your Washington DC home already has storm damage? In that case, call DC Water Restoration. We take care of storm damage, water damage, and much more. Call now at (202) 792-7445, and we can be there in under an hour. For Washington DC storm damage, don’t wait. Let us get your home clean and dry again.

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