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How Is Commercial Water Damage Different?

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial property is different when damaged because it affects numerous persons at the same time. For example, apartment buildings house hundreds of residents, and commercial water damage can affect many of them. Moreover, commercial water damage in stores can impact thousands of shoppers each day. Commercial water damage has a wide impact on many lives and impacts the community as a whole.

Owners of commercial property should act quickly upon discovering damage to the building caused by water, fire, or mold. Acting quickly will make a difference for all people affected. After calling your insurance agent and filing a claim your next step is to call a certified restoration company. Document the damage with pictures and or videos.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are particularly affected by water damage due to numerous pieces of office equipment and wires running throughout the building. Practice safety and shut off incoming water valves and power. Not only do you need to have the structure repaired, but you should also replace the office equipment and furniture. If you cannot replace the items, make sure you have them thoroughly dried.

Depending on the material your office furniture needs special attention. For example, you should have your wood furniture properly sanded and resealed. Likewise, you should have your upholstery dry cleaned if you want to prevent it from growing mold. Always handle your electronics with care and safety. To prevent the development of corrosion, get to them quickly. You can salvage your electronics with proper drying and dehumidifying. Professional equipment is stronger and can remove more water from the building.

Store Fronts

If you are a commercial property owner or landlord you know how important your structures are to business. Retail businesses that are clean and attractive are going to attract more clientele. When your store is damaged by water or fire it looks unattractive and you will lose customers. Restoring your property to its attractive appearance is important and so is safety. Have a professional make sure that your structure is sound, the walls are sturdy and free from mold. During reconstruction, practice safety by blocking off potentially dangerous areas and have employees wear protective clothing.

Call A Professional

Commercial water damage is nothing to fool around with. If you do not get things properly cleaned you are setting yourself up for potential problems with mold or structural damage. Tenants may file lawsuits and complain to authorities. Call DC Water Restoration to get professional help quickly and economically. At DC Water Restoration our employees are knowledgeable on legal and environmental issues that impact commercial properties. Finally, our response time is 30-60 minutes and we have 24/7 emergency services.


Five Must Have Features in a DC Restoration Company

Choosing the Right Restoration Company

After a disaster, you want to choose the right DC restoration company to help you put your life back together. Doing so helps make the entire process easier. However, if you pick the wrong company, you only prolong your pain. When you’re looking for a DC restoration company, these are the features they have to offer.

1. All Day, Every Day Availability

After disaster strikes, you need a restoration that’s available at a moment’s notice. You should be able to call them and get someone to come out whatever time it is. A disaster isn’t going to wait until morning. Some problems, like water damage, get worse every minute. If a restoration company isn’t going to get there when the problem is still small and manageable, you don’t need them.

2. Portfolio and Satisfied Customers

A reputable restoration company will have plenty of evidence of their work. They’ll have a portfolio of similar jobs. You may even be able to contact some of their previous clients and listen to their testimonials. If you find a DC restoration company that’s hesitant or keeps backing out of providing examples of their work, you know something fishy is going on.

3. Clear Estimates and Updates

Estimates are a must before work can begin. This is standard through all construction and repair work of this type. However, updating the assessment is also essential. Restoration work is often challenging, meaning some won’t reveal themselves until after work begins. As a result, the original estimate could change. If you’re trying to repair the damage done by an indoor flood, your restoration company won’t really be able to know for sure until they get the carpet up and can see how the floor is underneath. A warning that the work is getting more expensive is essential so that you can plan accordingly during your renovations.

4. The Equipment to do the Job

Might isn’t always right. The best restoration companies work smarter, not harder. They have the tools–whether that’s dehydrators, professional steam cleaners, and much more–to do the job right. A company that doesn’t invest in technology cannot give you the smartest, most thorough treatment for your money.

5. Local Knowledge

The DC area has always had unique problems. The marshy ground, along with moisture in the air promote mold growth far above the average level. Your DC restoration company needs to know how to work in DC, as that local knowledge can help them combat your problems in the most efficient way. They understand the challenges they are facing.

When you choose the right restoration company, you make the cleanup process a breeze. Focus on a company that serves your local area and uses the best tools. Excellent communication on estimates sets them apart, but at the end of the day, nothing matters if you can’t get a hold of them: 24/7 availability is vital.

Five Must Have Features in a DC Restoration Company

When it comes to water damage, your DC restoration company has to have it all. There’s a lot of competition in the city, and it allows you to have high standards. Find the right company by looking for these key features. If your DC restoration company doesn’t have these, you should keep looking.

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Five DC Features:

1. Local experience

Big chains that don’t have any local presence aren’t the answer that you’re looking for. A restoration company should have intimate knowledge of the local conditions before they treat your home or business. A good DC restoration company knows about the specific problems that the DC area experiences. There’s no substitute for living and working in DC and the surrounding area.

2. 24-hour availability

Emergencies don’t only happen during business hours. If you have a pipe burst and need water damage restoration, you don’t want to wait until morning to talk to someone. Your DC restoration company should have a 24-hour call line. Even if they don’t offer 24-hour service, you should be able to reach out to them at any time. Leave a message or explain the nature of your problem. If you’re going to have to wait until 9am to even see if they can see you that day, you’re just wasting your time. You’re not calling a DC restoration company because a problem is no big deal. Get a service that offers you something every hour of the day.

3. Broad range of services

Restoration is rarely a one issue only problem. If you had a fire, you may think that you just need smoke and fire restoration. While you will, you’ll probably also need water damage restoration. The firefighters who put out the blaze were probably too busy saving your building and any lives therein to worry about where they were splashing water. Contaminated, sooty water can cause a lot amount of water damage. You don’t want to hire multiple agencies for one disaster. Get one company who can do the job from start to finish.

4. Insurance

You need a DC restoration company who’s willing to work with your insurance. You want to bill as much of the restoration as possible through your insurance. It will be much easier for you if your company is willing to help you help them. The sooner you get your claim in, the sooner you’ll be able to pay them in full. Help filling in and filing their reports is the least that a DC restoration company could do for you.

5. Low pressure tactics

You often call a restoration company in an emergency. You should find a service that focuses on what’s actually best for you, not what makes them the most cash. Your restoration company should tally up the damage and offer you suggestions, but they should also take your lead on what to work on. Sure, maybe you really do need to replace your shingles, but for now you’re focusing on the bare minimum repairs to keep your house safe. Your DC restoration company should respect your priorities.

Finding a good DC restoration company will ease your mind. Whatever disaster your home goes through, don’t worry. With a good team at your side you’ll be able to navigate anything. Focus on these five must have features, and you know you’ve picked a winner.



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