DC Weather Damage: Protect Your Home in Every Season

Protect Your Home From DC Weather

When it comes to DC weather damage, prevention is always best. Here in DC, the seasons have very noticeable changes. Winters can get very cold, while summers get especially humid. The extreme changes often mean extreme weather, including hurricanes and blizzards. That’s why it’s important to protect your home in each season. We’ve put together a season-by-season guide for home weather protection. Here’s what you should know.


Let’s start with the winter. When you want to prevent DC weather damage, your biggest winter concern is preventing burst pipes. In DC, pipes often freeze in the winter. The water inside the pipes will expand as it turns to ice. As a result, pipes can crack. Often, people who move to DC from warmer climates don’t realize that they have to keep their pipes warm in the winter. You can prevent pipe damage by letting your faucets drip in the winter. Your water won’t freeze if it can flow. You should also make sure that your pipes get enough heat exposure.

Winter is also a good time to seal any cracks in your windows and walls. This will prevent heat from escaping your home, and you’ll save some money on your electric bills.


DC gets a fair amount of rain in the spring. During this time of year, check your roof as part of your DC weather damage prevention. Keep an eye out for potential leaks. Now is also a great time to prepare for summer’s more extreme weather. Take a look at your insurance policies. Does your insurance cover everything you need? Remember that flood insurance is entirely separate from homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance generally doesn’t cover flooding.


Now’s the time when you’ll really need your DC weather damage prevention. Summertime brings a lot of storms to DC. Make sure that your sump pumps are working correctly and can keep water out of your basement. You may also want to invest in storm shutters for your windows. If you have large branches hanging near your house, you should trim your trees to prevent damage. If a storm manages to break tree limbs, you could face some expensive home repairs.


DC weather calms down a lot during the fall. While you’re enjoying the cool climate and the beautiful leaves, take some time to go over your damage prevention plan for next year. This way, you won’t be caught off guard.

DC Weather Damage Help

In any season, your DC weather damage plan should include a great damage cleanup service. DC Water Restoration is here to help. If you have home damage, get in touch with us now. We’re ready to help.



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