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Fire Damage in DC? Here’s What You Should Know

Fire Damage in DC

Having a fire is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Not only could you be out thousands of dollars in lost property, but you are also putting your health at risk. Washington, DC, experiences thousands of fires a year, and the fire damage in DC costs home and business owners millions. In this article, we will go over the dangers of fire damage. Also, we will cover ways you can prepare your home and methods to clean up after the fire.


The Structure of Your Property Matters


A significant way a fire can cause severe damage is through structural damage. Structural damage occurs when a fire begins to eat away at the foundational skeleton of your property. Indeed, this eating away causes collapsed walls and structures and, in some cases, the complete collapse of the property. Fast response is key to preventing structural damage. We recommend having reliable smoke alarms and having a sprinkler system throughout your property.


Water Matters


One problem many people don’t think about is water damage. Indeed, water damage can cause a massive list of problems. For one thing, water can cause damage to property, including furniture, floors, and clothing. Also, water can cause mold to grow in your property, which can lead to a multitude of health issues. If you experience water damage due to fire damage in DC, give us a call at DC Water Restoration. Here at DC Water Restoration, we provide industry-leading service when it comes to fire damage. No matter what day or what time, we can offer emergency services in as little in 60 minutes.


Smoke Kills


After the firefighters extinguish the fire, your problems are only beginning. Smoke is dangerous to you and anyone that comes to your property. For instance, prolonged exposure to smoke can cause lung irritation and pain. If you have asthma, prolonged smoke can cause severe damage that will lead to hospitalization. Also, smoke can cause eye and skin irritation that leads to itching and inflammation of the affected area. An important thing to note is the irritation generally won’t be relieved through lotion or drops due to the presence of smoke particles.




Fire damage in DC may sometimes come with some different consequences. Washington, DC, has hundreds of buildings built before the 1980s. These buildings could have been constructed with asbestos. Asbestos is a compound the makes up materials used in buildings. Scientists then discovered asbestos could cause cancer. When a fire strikes a building, asbestos particles spread throughout the home and can affect you or your friends and family.


Don’t Let Time Get Away from You


The best way that you can prevent property damage and avoid occurring massive costs is speed. The faster you can respond to the damage to your property, the less there will be. If you experience fire damage in DC, be sure to give us a call at DC Water Restoration.  

Is Smoke Damage Dangerous?

Dangers of Smoke Damage

The dangers of smoke damage are not something that should be taken lightly. After your home or business experiences a fire, your problems have only just begun. The lingering smoke can cause health problems that can cause you and others extreme discomfort. In this article, we will go over a few of the risks that are caused by smoke damage. Also, we will go over your options to make sure the smoke damage in your home or business is taken care of properly.

Lung Irritation

Even if you are a healthy person, lingering smoke damage can irritate your lungs. In fact, if you are exposed to smoke damage for an extended amount of time, those irritants have the potential to turn into permanent issues.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have strong, healthy lungs. Asthma is one of the most common issues that affect people today. The dangers of smoke damage for people with asthma can quickly become life-threatening.

Toxic Materials

A lot of the time, smoke is not the only thing you need to worry about after a fire. For instance, fire and smoke can release dozens of toxic materials that can lead to long-term health problems for you. In DC, a lot of buildings and homes were built before 1980. Buildings and homes built before the 1980s were constructed with materials that may have contained asbestos. After a fire, asbestos fibers can circulate through the air and enter the bodies and lungs of you or others. Over time, asbestos exposure may cause severe health issues, including cancer.

Eye Damage

The dangers of smoke damage can also affect your eyes and your ability to see. Lingering smoke after a fire can enter your eyes and cause irritation, redness, and watering eyes. Indeed, if you remain exposed to smoke damage for too long, you may cause irreversible eye damage. Also, due to eye damage, you may incur medical costs to resolve any issues.

Skin Irritation

Lingering smoke can seep into your skin and cause extreme dryness and itchiness. While this irritation might seem like the least of your problems when it comes to smoke damage, it can, in fact, become a massive irritation to your life. Extensive dryness can cause your skin to crack and bleed. Also, it is important to note that this dryness cannot be relieved by any lotion, because the irritation is coming from the smoke and not your skin.

Seek Professional Help for Smoke Damage

An important thing to know is that smoke damage must be removed by a professional. Avoid any home/DIY remedies that you may find. You might reduce the damage, but you will never be able to get rid of it completely. If you live in DC or a surrounding suburb, DC Water Restoration provides industry-leading smoke damage removal services. We provide 24/7/365 service to our customers. Also, we will respond to any emergency within 60 minutes. With our world-class cleaning service, along with our fast response time, we will provide the service you need during this traumatic time.

Five Preventable Causes of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is one of the nastiest things that can happen to a home. It combines the visual disaster of an eyesore with the foul smell of a respiratory irritant. Smoke damage poses a health risk to humans and pets, especially children and the elderly. Many causes of smoke damage are actually preventable. This is what you can do to prevent smoke damage in your home before it starts.


5 Steps to Prevent Smoke Damage

1. Broken appliances

One loose coil can turn an appliance into a fire trap. Broken appliances can become dangerous without much warning. One day something works fine, and the next you’re dealing with short circuits and fumes. Some appliances are much more likely to be a problem than others. For example, a vacuum is much more likely to cause smoke damage than a garbage disposal, even though both can get clogged. Have all your appliances regularly maintained. At the first sign of trouble, turn the appliance off. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Stove top disasters

Everyone burns dinner sometimes. Usually, it’s not a problem. When things do get out of hand, how you respond is key. Reacting quickly to a grease fire can safely put it out. Attempting to douse the flames with water or smother them with flour or baking powder will only make things worse. Review kitchen safety the next time you go to whip up a snack. Keep flames low and have a plan in case something gets a little more “black and crispy” than “golden brown”.

3. Smoking inside

Your home isn’t an ad agency in the 1950’s, so you may already have a “no smoking inside” rule. If you don’t, get one. Smoke damage builds up over years. Cigarette smoke is particularly harmful to breathe second hand. Your house’s paint, wallpaper, and upholstery will be smoke damaged permanently within a few months of regularly smoking inside. Light up on the porch or by the street to reduce the damage done to your home.

4. Overheated electronics

Unplug your electronics when they’re not in use. For things that you don’t want to turn off (think alarm clocks and microwaves) make sure they’re not in a crowded circuit. Any mistake in your house’s wiring may cause your electronics to overheat. Smoking, smoldering electronics play a major role in common smoke damage.

An over-loaded power strip can also be to blame for a smoke damage disaster. The more power is drawn through it, the hotter the strip could get. One poorly insulated power surge later and everything on it could be going up in smoke.

5. Lack of fire safety

The most preventable smoke damage comes simple lack of fire safety around the house. Quick action prevents most fires from spreading, and therefore also prevent most smoke damage from spreading. You should have a smoke detector in every room of your house. Fire extinguishers are also good ways to put a stop to any sudden fires. At the very least, have one in the kitchen for those dinner disasters!

Preventing smoke damage comes down to prevent the start and spread of fires. Staying on top of appliance maintenance and fire safety rules will go a long way towards cutting down your risk. Keep your kitchen stocked with fire extinguishers and take cigarettes to the street and you’ve lost five preventable causes of smoke damage.



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