Three Signs There’s a Leak on Your Property

A leaking faucet is never pleasant, but it’s at least obvious. If you have an appliance flooding your kitchen, the odds that it could go unnoticed are very low. When a pipe bursts or breaks outside the home, your property could be undergoing extensive water damage in ways that aren’t immediately clear. Be on the lookout for these common signs that there’s a leak on your property. You can prevent extensive water damage by paying attention to the symptoms of a property water leak.

Property Leak Signs:

1. Noticeable drop in water pressure or volume

One of the first signs that you have a leak is a drop in water pressure or volume. A leak bleeds out the water that would usually be rushing to your house to rinse your dishes, water your plants, or wash the shampoo out of your hair. If you’re having trouble with any or all of those, have your pipes checked for a sudden leak.

If you have a reasonably new home and the water pressure has always been poor, consider getting a plumber out to look at your pipes. You could have bought a home with an undiagnosed leak, or it might be possible to upgrade your system to something a little stronger.

2. New mold and mildew growth

A leak can cause extensive water damage even if the leak itself isn’t that dire. Increased moisture in the air makes for perfect growing conditions for mold. If you notice the outside of your home is gathering mildew and mold, look for muddy ground and leaks nearby. This is especially true of an area or time of year where humidity is low. Unusual mold growth indicates a change in the local environment. If you find exterior mold, look for interior mold as well. Once a colony of mold becomes well established, it can send spores off to colonize less hospitable areas. A water damage restoration team will be able to tell you if your mold problem requires more than household cleanser and elbow grease.

3. Potholes or sinkholes

Severe leaks often cause potholes or sinkholes. Extensive water damage doesn’t have to come from a large source, however. A slow leak that persists long enough can saturate an area and cause a major shift in the land. Potholes and sinkholes can disrupt landscaping and undermine driveways, paths, and the house itself. Extensive water damage that causes problems for city streets or sidewalks could cost the homeowners a lot of cash in repairs.

Property leaks are much more difficult to pin down than in house leaks. Leaks that go unnoticed will only get progressively worse. An initially small leak can turn into extensive water damage over time. Homeowners can protect themselves and their property through vigilance. Any sudden change in your water pressure should be investigated. Greater mold growth points to a greater problem. Potholes or sinkholes shouldn’t be written off if they happen not to do a lot of damage. They’re a symptom of something much more worrying.

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