Three storm tips that simply aren’t enough

storm tips

Sometimes the valued tips for being ready for a storm simply aren’t enough. Your home is as important as you and your family. After all it is where your memories reside. Go the next step when preparing for emergency storm situations.

Follow these 3 Tips:

  • Emergency kits.

One of the first things experts will tell you when preparing for a storm is to make sure you have supplies packed and ready to go—an emergency kit. In this kit you should have things that would last not only you but your family for a couple of days. The things that you should pack when readying your bag is canned food, bottles of water and a battery powered radio. Make sure you have extra batteries and a flashlight.

You should also prepare an emergency kit for your home. These are good to buy beforehand because after a storm people will be buying out all the supplies and you’ll be left with little options. Some things you might need for your home would be a tarp—the larger the better. You could also get a roll of duct tape. If your roof or other area of your home develops a leak, you can quickly assemble a patch until you can get professional help.

  • No Power. No water.

Second, a common problem after storms are lack of electricity and water. This can create quite a problem. A way you can safeguard your home is at the sign of a storm turn off your water at the main water supply. This is helpful because if your home develops leak, you will be able to stop it before the situation gets out of hand.

Power outages are not uncommon when it comes to storm. To keep from electrical problems occurring during a storm, be sure to turn off the main breaker. When you do this, you are keeping any problems from arising. Electrical fires can result and instead of no power, you very well could be left without a home.

  • Weather watcher

Third, there are certain seasons of the year that storms are at their worst. Those seasons are usually in the fall and in the spring. However, they can crop up at any time. A good way to stay on top of storms before they are on top of you is pay attention to the weather. Watch the local news or follow the weather patterns online to help you stay alert.

In order to keep your home safe. Check your home owner’s policy with your insurance. This is a good idea when trying to protect your home. Make sure you have flood damage coverage, because more times than not, the insurance doesn’t cover that.

There is no 100% way of escaping nature and her fury. Weather patterns are unpredictable and in some cases extremely volatile. Keep in mind, if you are preparing yourself or your family, take a few extra steps to prepare your home. Your home is where your heart is. Take care of it!

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