Water Damage Restoration Success Factors

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There are many factors that influence the success of water damage restoration. While some of the factors are beyond your control, the majority of them are things that you have a say in. You may not be able to control if your house floods, but how quickly you respond and what kind of insurance you have are up to you.

Success Factors Include:

1. How Quickly You Respond

Like a cavity or an overdue bill, water damage is something that only gets worse the longer you avoid dealing with it. If you suspect you have a leak, don’t try to put it out of your mind. Bite the bullet and investigate! If you do, the sooner you react the better the odds for water damage restoration success!

When water is allowed to sit, the damage gets worse. It penetrates deeper into your walls, ceiling, and flooring. Drying the outside of a water damaged wall isn’t enough; you need to be sure that all the moisture from inside is dry as well! Dampness encourages the growth of mold. Mold can eat away at your possessions, leaving them stained and smelly. This damage is much harder to restore than a bit of water.

2. The Type of Water

While no water damage is good, some kinds of water damager are worse. If there’s any kind of water damage that you “want”, it’s clear water from a known source. If your kitchen pipes burst, that’s a much easier water damage restoration project than cleaning a sewage leak or a “grey water” or potentially contaminated water leak. The more hazardous the water is, the more complex your restoration project will be. Some items will have to be thrown away if they cannot be properly restored.

3. Your Insurance Type

Your insurance will determine how you can respond to a situation. Remember: flood insurance is not included in home insurance. If you’re not sure where you are on a flood plain, it’s more than worth it to get your home assessed. Getting the right flood insurance for your property could be the difference between a struggle and a disaster.

4. Your Insurance Documentation

Lastly, how thoroughly you document your destruction will affect how difficult it is for you to file a claim and get it processed. Take plenty of pictures and even video with a camera. A smartphone is better than nothing! It’s better to have too many pictures than too few. The more proof you have, the more quickly your claim can be processed and your restoration work paid for.

Water damage restoration success factors boil down to being prepared in many cases. Having the right insurance, taking the right steps, and knowing what to do when disaster strikes greatly increase your odds of success. While the type of damage is out of your hands, the other factors are in your court. Take the time to prepare to defeat water damage.

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