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Water Damage

If you need emergency water damage restoration and cleanup, call the Water Damage Restoration & Reconstruction Experts of DC. We are available 24/7 to handle any type of water extraction need. With one goal in mind—to clean and restore water-damaged property to its original condition as quickly as possible—our trained, certified experts will be onsite in 60 minutes or less.

The Water Damage Restoration & Reconstruction Experts of DC is a full-service water-cleanup and restoration company serving clients since 2001 in Washington, DC area. We treat your call with the urgency it deserves and are on-site to begin the water removal process in 60 minutes or less. So call (757) 434-6263 today for full-service emergency water damage restoration.

We handle all kinds of water damage, including:

  • Severe weather and heavy rains – Hurricanes and storms cause flash flooding and power outages that can lead to flooding and water damage. Our professionals are equipped to handle your water removal and cleanup needs resulting from storm damage.
  • Broken or leaky pipes – Don’t underestimate the damage caused by broken pipes. Visible water and dampness are one thing; hidden mold and mildew another. We have the certifications to safely clean and treat water-damaged areas to avoid potential health and respiratory problems.
  • Frozen pipes and ice damage – Freezing temperatures can lead to ice blockages in pipes located in areas with poor or little insulation, and eventually cause them to burst and leak water everywhere. Ice build-ups under roof flashing can result in water seeping into ceilings and down walls. We not only handle damages caused by frozen pipes but also all your interior water damage and restoration needs.
  • Sewer line backups or breaks – Don’t delay when making the call for professional handling to clean up a sewage backup. We provide safe removal and thorough decontamination, sanitizing, and deodorizing of the entire affected area.
  • Appliance breakdowns – Think the water that overflows from your dishwasher or washing machine is sanitary? Think again. Professional expertise is needed to thoroughly remove and dry the water that may have seeped into flooring where it can create a mold threat.
  • Flooded basement – We use powerful, state-of-the-art equipment to extract water that floods your basement due to a broken water heater, faulty sump pump, or through the foundation. We clean the area and check to make sure the threat of a mold infestation is mitigated.
  • Water remaining after a fire – Damage from a fire is bad enough. Avoid further damage by immediately extracting and cleaning up residual water from when the fire was put out. We clean up the mess for you, using only safe, fully approved products.

Our complete water damage restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Damage and site evaluation – If necessary, we locate the source of flooding and take steps to stop further water entry and contain the flooding. To determine the full extent and location of water damage we conduct a complete review of the property.
  • Water type identification and classification of the damage – Certified technicians go to work examining the water in your home. It must be categorized based on the source and level of contaminants that could be present. We classify the water damage by checking levels of water and dampness in floors and furnishings, and in structural materials. This aids in determining an appropriate extraction and remediation process.
  • Water extraction – For fast, efficient water removal, we use industry-grade truck-mounted equipment. This helps to ensure a shorter dry time. No area is missed as we take all necessary steps to eliminate water from every corner, from behind walls, and under floors and carpets.
  • Property and contents cleanup – We use safe, EPA-approved products when we decontaminate and sanitize building and structural materials that can be salvaged. We also properly remove and dispose of items that are contaminated or cannot be salvaged. To lessen the threat of mold and allergies from mold spores and airborne contaminants, we also clean HVAC systems.
  • Drying out process – To dry the area as quickly as possible, we use a variety of powerful, state-of-the-art equipment that removes all dampness and moisture. Our moisture-detection equipment tests levels of air and surface humidity throughout.
  • Restoration of contents – To clean, restore, and renovate furnishings and personal belongings that suffered water damage we follow a coordinated process that includes taking inventory and moving and storing belongings off-site.
  • Facilitate insurance claims – We facilitate the insurance billing claims process by supplying photos and providing documentation of our processes.

Our Water Damage Experts work to provide the best customer experience possible. We treat all our clients with the respect they deserve and do what it takes to make sure we provide quality flood restoration service from the minute we receive your first call.

Call (757) 434-6263 today for emergency water damage restoration services!

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