4 Things to Do to Avoid Water Damages during Your Vacation

Avoid Water Damage

Before you go off for a vacation, there are certain things you need to ensure are done to prevent anything from happening inside your home when you aren’t there. One such thing that can happen is water damages. Water damages can actually grow worse over time, especially when people aren’t around to pick up the signs. By following the four preventative measures listed below, you can ensure that you won’t come back to a complete nightmare.

1.  Shut off the water supply:

When you are going away, you will need to shut off the water supply. Not only is this a good way to cut down on your water bills, but you can also stop any chances of water leaks from even starting to develop. Also, make sure that your appliances are turned off. If you plan on shutting off your water supply completely, make sure that appliances like your fridge are also turned off and empty to avoid any water leaking or any food getting rotten over time.

2. Set your thermostat appropriately:

One of the things that you can do to cut down on any chances of water damages is to keep your thermostat at an appropriate temperature instead of cutting it down. If you are leaving some of your appliances on during your vacation, such as the dishwasher, a difference in temperature can actually cause its piping to get weakened. As a result, water may leak out and collect under it, which can lead to further damages. This is why you should set your thermostat at 85 degrees in the summer, and at 60 degrees in the winter.

3. Avoid any chances of flooding:

One thing you cannot control when you are on your vacation is the weather. There are a lot of chances that the weather won’t be perfect while you’re away, and you are sure to experience at least one storm or severe rain. One way you can avoid any damage is to make sure the water valves to your sinks and washing machines are shut off, along with the whole main supply. If during your vacation there is a problem with the pipes or appliances, at least water will not collect in your home and you can get it fixed when you come back home.

4. Have the installation inside your home inspected:

It is a good idea to have the installation inside your home inspected once before you go away for the vacation. This should generally be done at least twice a year, but you should do it before your vacation with a professional company to make sure that no moisture is present, or that there is no problematic mold growth. This will help the air inside your home stay fresh, along with helping you keep the integrity of the home intact. Not only that, you can also save yourself from terrible insect infestations such as from termites.

If you are going for vacation, simply follow the steps above to prevent water damages. However, if you come home to a problem, immediately call up a restoration company to help you reduce the damage and prevent further problems.

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