What Are the Different Types of Water?

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It’s no secret that water damage in DC is no laughing matter. However, the population at large is still not adequately informed on the details of water damage and how to better understand it. For example, knowing the type of water that has damaged your property will help you understand the damage that occurred and other potential issues. In this article, we will go over the different types of water and what they mean for your property.


Clean Water


Clean water is the most basic water that can cause water damage in DC. Clean water can come from the various pipes and faucets around your property. Due to the high pressure in pipes when they burst, the clean water can spread far and fast. Also, the mineral and contaminant count is usually low. The low contaminant count means the water damage is easier to clean up, and it will be easier to restore your property from the damage. To prevent water damage from clean water, you need to inspect all the pipes and faucets in your property for cracks or warping. Additionally, in the winter, you need to keep your pipes warm to prevent pipe bursts.




Basically, greywater is the used or leftover water in your sinks, baths, and toilets. Greywater has more contaminants then clean water, which means it has the potential to cause more water damage. These contaminants can cause odors and stains to linger after the initial water damage has occurred. To prevent water damage from greywater, you need to perform a few tasks. First, make sure your, baths, sinks, and toilets are working properly. Second, keep your various appliances up-to-date by upgrading every so often. Finally, seal any cracks that you may find where greywater can leak out.




Rainwater has the potential to cause massive amounts of water damage in DC. For the most part, rainwater causes very little water damage to property. However, if you have a weak roof, rainwater can spell disaster. Depending on the severity of the storm, rainwater could very quickly inundate your property. If you have an outdated roof, any high-speed rainwater could cause cracks in the roof or even a complete roof collapse. Keeping your roof maintained will drastically reduce the chance of your roof experiencing any damage from rainwater.


Boiler Feedwater


One important type of water to mention on this list is boiler feedwater. Boiler feedwater is the water stored in your boiler or hot water heater. After your water heater experiences a leak or a burst, the water that is expelled will cause damage to the surrounding area. However, because boiler feedwater has the potential to be extremely hot, you run the risk of severe burns to yourself or your property. Basic maintenance of your boiler or water heater will help prevent any water damage.


Getting Rid of Water Damage In DC


No matter the type of water that causes water damage in DC, the fact remains that it can be devastating. However, you can relieve some of that stress by calling DC Water Restoration and letting us do the heavy lifting for you. With 24/7 emergency response service, we are prepared for any challenge, no matter the time.


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