What to Do About Frozen Pipes in DC

4 Winter Hazards and Frozen Pipes in DC

Frozen Pipes in DC

It is no secret that winter is officially here. With freezing temperatures and snowstorms predicted to hit the East Coast, it is time to prepare. Grab warm blankets from your closet, load up on hot tea, and prepare yourself for hibernation. However, all the preparation in the world won’t stop things from going wrong this winter season. Frozen pipes in DC are the most common and costliest accidents to affect homeowners. As the weather begins to freeze, stagnant water in your pipes can solidify and burst to cause damage in your home. In this article, we have provided steps to help prevent as well as alleviate frozen pipes. Also, we will provide useful information if you are already the victim of bursting pipes.

 Keep Your Pipes Flowing

To begin, the most common reason for frozen pipes is stagnant water. When the temperatures dip below freezing, turn on the sinks in your home. This will allow the water in your pipes to flow and make it much harder for them to freeze. A downside to this solution is the higher water bills that will come from the constantly flowing water.

 Use External Heating Sources

If you are afraid that your pipes are freezing, place an external heating source close to your pipes. For example, buying a space heater or heat lamp and putting it close to your pipes will help break apart the ice before it can form. A downside of this solution is the high electricity cost that may occur during the winter.

Keep Your Thermostat on Day and Night

To help thaw your frozen pipes, do not let your thermostat fall below 55 degrees. Keeping your home temperature warm and consistent is the best way to keep your pipes warm and water flowing.

What to Do If Your Pipes Burst

Unfortunately, no matter how much preparation you do, pipes can still burst. It is vital to act fast to avoid catastrophic property damage.

First, you need to shut off your main water supply to prevent more considerable flooding.

Second, call us at DC Water Restoration. With a response time of 30 to 60 minutes, we will assess the damage quickly. After we determine the damage, we will be able to provide any water cleanup that is required.

Third, contact your insurance company to open a claim. Burst pipes can cost thousands of dollars in damages. The sooner you open an insurance claim, the sooner you can receive financial compensation to begin needed repairs to your home.

Preparation is Key

Frozen pipes in DC should be taken seriously. You must have key elements in place before the winter season begins. Inspect your pipes to make sure there are no cracks or other defects. Have heating sources like heat lamps and space heaters ready to go at a moment’s notice. Also, have DC Water Restoration’s contact info in a safe place so you can contact us on short notice. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay dry.

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