Why You Should Never Attempt to Clean Sewage Backup Yourself

Sewage backup is a homeowner’s nightmare. The smell and sight are both unpleasant. Not only does sewage turn your stomach, sewage damage affects your home, appliances, and soil. Getting sewage damage under control is considered an emergency, and therefore, you should never try to spring into action yourself. You should always hire a professional to handle sewage backup. The risks are just too great.


Health risks abound with sewage contamination

Sewage backup consists of human waste that is highly dangerous to humans and pets. When cleaning up sewage, any open wound becomes susceptible to infection. Scrapes and cuts allow harmful bacteria into your body.  The same is also true of small particles entering your mucus membranes cause infection.  Additionally, sewage contamination remains if the backup isn’t cleaned up professionally. Contaminated carpet spreads bacteria and mold. The same risks are in place for wet and dry carpet. Bacteria can survive the drying process. As a result, the danger of sewage damage persists over time. You shouldn’t try a DIY approach to cleaning up sewage backup, the stakes are too high.

Specialized equipment makes all the difference

When professional restoration teams handle sewage backup, they have special suits and equipment to protect themselves. Without the proper equipment, cleaning up sewage on your own won’t provide the same level of protection. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance that you’ll break your skin and allow dangerous bacteria into your body.

Using basic at home cleaning products to try and and minimize an area of sewage contamination is not enough to clean the area. You must decontaminate the area. Our professional restoration team makes sure that your furniture, carpets, and walls are completely clean. We do a better job because our tools are of higher quality. Common household appliances can’t withstand sewage damage. The powerful cleaning tools of the team, and commercial quality fans along with dehumidifiers, quickly work to neutralize moisture and kill bacteria. Restoration professionals clean better and stay safer.

Safe disposal is necessary

Cleaning up sewage backup doesn’t end with sanitizing the walls and floors. You have to dispose of the sewage itself safely. In addition, you must sanitize your dirty tools. Finding a way to dispose of dirty tools is complicated. Specific laws exist in many areas  that govern how and where to dispose of sewage can be disposed of. When you take this task on yourself, you could make two mistakes. You could unintentionally be in violation of laws that carry big fines for violations. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Secondly, you spread the bacteria to others. Everyone who handles contaminated items is at risk for disease. Improperly disposing of waste spreads bacteria and the increases risk of contamination throughout a whole community.

In conclusion, damage from sewage backup is the most pressing kind of water damage. Professional restoration policies protect the workers and your family. The superior appliances clean your home faster and more efficiently, guaranteeing a better outcome. In addition, disposing of  waste and contaminated materials is safer and compliant with waste cleanup laws. When facing damage from sewage backup, don’t risk your health or the health of those around you, call a professional restoration service.

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